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Rules To Make Your Experience


Please ensure you have CASH ready to pay the girls upon their arrival. You can withdraw cash from an ATM, grocery store, or bank before the event. Without cash on hand when they arrive, the girls will leave, disappointing the bachelor. Strippers prefer CASH, and not all of them accept payment apps. Therefore, it's crucial to have CASH prepared for our performers. Remember, there are NO REFUNDS on deposits if you fail to provide CASH.


To ensure an unforgettable experience with Scottsdale Strippers, treat your bachelor party like a VIP event, where the excitement of a strip club is brought directly to you by our gorgeous strippers. Each guest should be prepared with cash in tips, ensuring an evening filled with thrilling shows, lap dances, and party games. While tipping isn't mandatory, it guarantees an exceptional time with our strippers. Please note that additional services like lap dances and fantasy shows are available for extra fees. Lack of tipping in many cases will lead to early departure of our girls, and refunds will not be issued in such cases.

3 No Other Strippers

We kindly request that you refrain from booking strippers from other agencies for your event. Bringing in additional performers can create an uncomfortable atmosphere for our Scottsdale Strippers and undermines the professionalism of our services. Our performers work harmoniously together to provide the best entertainment experience possible. Regrettably, if other strippers are booked, our performers will be unable to continue with the event, and refunds will not be provided

4 Respect

We ask that you treat our Scottsdale strippers with respect and kindness. Any form of disrespect, including verbal or physical abuse, will not be tolerated. Our performers reserve the right to leave if they feel uncomfortable or disrespected. Let's ensure a positive and welcoming environment for everyone involved.

5 No Propositions

Please refrain from making any sexual propositions towards our Scottsdale strippers. We are here to provide entertainment through our performances, and any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Let's keep the focus on enjoying the party and the performance in a respectful manner.

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